Software Design

Spring 2007
Allen B. Downey

Course Information

Here is a flyer I made to advertise the class.

Syllabus: [pdf] [ps] [html]

Project Plan: [pdf] [ps] [html]


The HTML version of the homeworks is here for your convenience, but if you are printing a copy, you should print the Postscript or PDF version.

Homework 0: [pdf] [ps] [html]

Homework 1: [pdf] [ps] [html]

Homework 2: [pdf] [ps] [html]

Homework 3: [pdf] [ps] [html]

Homework 4: [pdf] [ps] [html]

Homework 5: [pdf] [ps] [html]

Homework 6: [pdf] [ps] [html]

Homework 7: [pdf] [ps] [html]

Lab Exercise 9: [pdf] [ps] [html]

Lab Exercise 10: [pdf] [ps] [html]

Lab Exercise 11: [pdf] [ps] [html]

Lab Exercise 12: [pdf] [ps] [html]


Class materials

Lecture notes.

Python code.

Homework solutions.

Class mailing list.

The textbook's web page.

Python resources

Python home page.

The Vaults of Parnassus.