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What to turn in

As usual, I would like a single report from each unit, including an explanation of each experiment you ran, and what you discovered. As in the previous reports, try to integrate your tables and code samples with the text rather than making them appendices. That way you have more incentive to be concise and to explain the relevance of everything you present.

Also, if you observe something you can't explain, don't be shy about describing it as it happened. Resist the temptation to sweep unexpected behavior under the rug. Also, don't feel like you have to offer a definitive explanation for everything--it is reasonable to list two or three possible explanations.

As usual: Label your axes. Mark the data points. Explain every number. Along with every number try to give some indication of its accuracy. Don't report more significant digits than you really have. Use more words than numbers. Use more pages for words than for graphs or code.

Have fun! Learn something!

Allen B. Downey